The employees who work at KLS are supply chain rock stars. Each brings their whole self to their jobs each day and are able to accomplish amazing things. Our goal is to make it possible that every member of the KLS family can build a career that fulfills their goals and aspirations. Click to see how you can become a link in our supply chain.

We invest in people so they can invest in us.

KLS values people. Every employee is an important link in our company supply chain. We work to give every member of the KLS family the opportunity to grow and build satisfying careers with us. We believe having employees who are engaged, challenged and recognized inspires them to bring their best to work every day. That enables KLS to deliver unique solutions to your company every day.

Healthy communities create a happy workforce.

KLS hires from the communities we operate in. Our employees are committed to their local communities and perform many hours of volunteer service to improve the lives of residents as we encourage KLS employees to volunteer and to make a difference locally.


We're always looking for new people to join our team of game-changers and problem-solvers. Click the link below to check out our open opportunities to join the KLS family.